Kitchen Showcase, INC. is located in Columbia, MD and serves the MD, VA, PA, CT, NY areas.

  • Striking custom kitchens!
    • We design and build custom kitchens on every budget! Everything from custom cabinets, granite, appliances, and more!
  • Spectacular custom bathrooms
    • We upgrade bathrooms as well! Custom showers, granite, tile flooring, cabinets, and more!

Kitchen Showcase is committed from taking you from your old kitchen
to a newly designed one that fits your space and taste. Every kitchen
we do is unique in the wood choices, hand applied finishes, to counter
top selections.

We start by meeting you for a one on one meeting. We measure your
kitchen and get your desires for the transformation that will take place.

We have state of the art design programs where we design your space
and can E-mail you your designs for your review. These stunning 3D
designs really help visualize your new kitchen or bath.

Best of all, we do “not charge” for this service.

We are able to provide this service because you are not paying for our
showroom. We are also able to provide you with low prices for quality
custom cabinets. These cabinets are all wood and have a lifetime
warrantee from the manufacturer.

The use of quality woods with hand applied finishes (except paint)
makes the pieces of furniture in your kitchen a joy to look at. Drawers
that close by themselves and doors that won’t slam. And a wow factor
that is topped off by granite that is one of a kind.

Lets see what we can do for you!


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